Lord Teach Us To Pray part 2- Luke 11

After Jesus introduces his disciples to the Lords Prayer he continues to provide more instruction by telling a story about a man who asks his friend for three loaves of bread to feed an unexpected guest who arrives in the night.

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  1. We really tried but this just wouldn’t connect. : (

    Not sure what we are doing wrong.

    Darryll and Glenda

    1. Hey Glenda, I’m not sure why you couldn’t connect but I sent you a direct link to youtube and the raw recording direct from my computer. Please let me know if they work for you.

  2. Thanks for the sermon, Scott.(
    I pray “Thy kingdom come”, (in contrast to the kingdom of this world), with much more earnestness now. Also, very grateful that God is still in our midst, and working.

    1. Thanks Pam, yes! “Thy Kingdom Come” does feel at times like we have been charged with an overwhelming task; but Jesus has called us to be His witnesses and live in such sharp contrast to the chaos, the inhumanity, and oppressiveness of the culture today. It is that witness that we hope will be so compelling that it draw others to join us in bringing the Kingdom here as it already is in heaven. Blessings to you and Russ. Let’s do coffee!

  3. Hi Scott,
    I just listened to your Sermon about The Lords Prayer and I wanted you to know it struck a cord for me back to my Grandmother Mary. It seemed like I was feeling and kind of seeing her and my Mother Nancy in my minds eye. It made me feel very calm and filled with the power of our Lord. Bless you and thank you for what you are doing in his name.
    With gratitude
    Susan Beer

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