Sofa Sunday School-Psalm 119:9-16

Kids will learn that memorizing God’s word is one part of studying the Bible.


The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will remind us of everything that Jesus said. But how can the Holy Spirit remind us of what we don’t know. We memorize God’s word – hiding it in our hearts – to help us understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit can then bring these verses to our minds in times of trouble.

How can young people keep their paths pure?
    By guarding them according to what you’ve said.
 I have sought you with all my heart.
    Don’t let me stray from any of your commandments!
 I keep your word close, in my heart,
    so that I won’t sin against you.

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Sign Language Anyone?

Object Lesson


Multiplication flash cards

Pull out some multiplication flash cards. Go through them and drill the kids.

Why do we memorize these math facts? So we don’t have to look them up or figure them on our own. The multiplication tables, 1 through 12, are the foundation for all multiplication. When we memorize these facts, we can recall them any time we need them. Higher math would be a lot harder if we didn’t have them committed to memory.

The Holy Spirit can help us to recall scripture when we need it most, but if we don’t commit scrip-ture to memory, there’s only so much He can do for us. When we memorize Bible verses, we fill our minds with the Word of God. Then the Holy Spirit can bring that Word to mind when we need it most. When we feel unloved, discouraged, fearful, or sad, the Holy Spirit can tap the Word of God stored in our hearts and lift us up.

Memorizing scripture is a great way to fill our hearts with God’s Word for the times we need Him most. One verse at a time, we can prepare for life’s biggest challenges!

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Sofa Sunday School-Luke 5 & 6

Chosen for a Reason and Making Time to be Alone with God

Lesson Snapshot


Take time to be alone with God.


Kids will learn that it’s important to make time to be alone with God.


Luke 5:12-16, Jesus Heals & Luke 6:12-16, Jesus Chooses the Twelve


Even with all of the preaching that Jesus did and the miracles that he performed, Jesus always made time to get away from the crowds and spend time with God. In studying the Bible, it is important that we carve out quiet time to be with God and let him speak to us.

Object Lesson


A hotel room “Do Not Disturb” tag (or similar sign)

Has your family ever stayed in a hotel? If so, you may have seen and even used one of these tags. If you’re staying in a hotel multiple nights and don’t want someone in your room, or if you’re sleeping in and don’t want to be woken up, you place this tag on the door. It lets the hotel cleaning staff know you’re still there but you don’t wish to be dis- turbed. It’s a way to get a little extra privacy.

Every day, we need to put up a do not disturb sign for a short time. We need to get alone in our rooms or some place quiet in the house with no TV, no music, no video games. We need to open the Bible and read. We need to spend time in prayer. Just as Jesus taught us by example, alone time with God can help us revive our spirit and gain direction for our life.

Sometimes we need to go it alone. Start setting up some alone time with God this week, and you’ll be amazed at how much it will grow your faith.

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Craft Activity

Have the kids make a sign for their quiet time space, indicating this is where they plan to meet with Jesus every day to pray and study the Bible.

Sofa Sunday School-God Speaks to Samuel

1 Samuel 3:1-10


Samuel was one of the great prophets of God, sharing the words of God with others. But when he was young, he relied on the priest Eli to teach him and help him learn to understand God’s word and his voice. We can reach out to wise men and women and ask for their help in understanding the Bible.

Object Lesson:


A phone with a social media app

Begin this lesson by pulling up one of your regular social media apps. Show the kids how many followers you have and how many people you follow. Tell them about a few people you follow, preferably people you look up to as leaders.

If we want to grow as believers, we need to get behind people who have walked the path we are walking. God has given us parents, teachers, coaches, and pastors who know what it’s like to be a kid, to struggle with questions of faith, and just handle the ups and downs of life. God has placed leaders in each one of our lives, and if we follow them, we can understand God’s Word much better than we ever could on our own.

Ultimately, God wants us to follow His lead. He’s given us spiritual leaders who are already following to help us get on the right track. Let’s thank God for the spiritual leaders in our lives, and let’s become good students and followers so we can learn more about our Lord.


Make this week’s lesson real:
Share with your kids some adults who helped you to learn about God when you were little. How did those people have an affect on you?


Have the kids write a thank you note or draw a picture as a thank you gift for someone who has taught them about God.



Genesis 13-Choices

Some of my biggest Life Challenges have come to me by way of Family, and this is certainly true of our story today. Each day we are faced with many life choices and we can learn a lot from men and women in the Bible by watching the choices they make, and the consequences that come with those choices.

Sofa Sunday School-Finding God-Sometimes when we read the Bible, we have questions.

Proverbs 4 and Matthew 7

Lesson Snapshot


It’s okay to ask questions about the Bible.


Kids will learn that studying the Bible is about asking questions and seeking answers.


Proverbs 4:1-7, Get Wisdom & Matthew 7:7-12, Ask, Seek, Knock


Sometimes when we read the Bible, we have questions. Did that really happen? Why did that person do that? What does that verse mean? We should not be afraid of questions. Asking questions – to God, to teachers, to parents and to ourselves – will help us grow in our knowledge of the Bible.

Memory Verse

“I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways. I will delight in your decrees and not forget your word” Psalm 119:15-16 (NLT)

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