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Judges 7:1-22, Gideon Defeats the Midianites

Lesson Snapshot


God wants us to follow Him!


Kids will learn that when we follow God’s instructions we will succeed.


Judges 7:1-22, Gideon Defeats the Midianites


“The grass dries up. The flowers fall to the ground. But what our God says will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8 (NIrV)


In the Old West, when a criminal was on the loose, the sheriff would round up a posse of the strongest and bravest men to go after him. When Gideon went up against the Midianites, God gave him some strange instructions on who would be in his posse. When the small band of 300 Israelites defeated the Midianites, it displayed God’s power for all to see.

Object Lesson


A preschool toy used to teach children to fit the correct shapes in correct holes

How many of you remember playing with a toy like this as a small child? At your age, I’m sure this looks like a pretty boring toy, but this was one of the most educational toys you ever played with. Watch a baby with a toy like this, and you’ll be amazed at how hard they will try to put the wrong shapes in the wrong holes. It’s only when they learn to match the square to the square, the triangle to the triangle, that they learn an important lesson. If you want things to work right, you have to put the proper pieces in the proper place.

When we resist God’s will, we are like an infant trying to jam a square into a rounded hole, but when we commit ourselves to obeying God, the pieces will fall in place. God wants us to not only learn His Word but obey His Word. When we are obedient to God and follow Him, we will always succeed.

Are you trying to force something on your own? It’s time to stop riding your own trail and follow God.

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