Sofa Sunday School- King David busts a move

2 Samuel 6:12-21

Main Lesson

In life, we can choose to grumble and be selfish, or we can choose to be grateful. Everyday, we should praise God and give Him thanks. We can thank God when I worship and praise Him.

God’s people have a special container called the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant reminded people of the amazing things that God had done and how God was always with them. King David decided to bring the ark to the city of Jerusalem so that the people could always remember that God was with them.

The ark was heavy and needed to be handled special. David took men with him to carry the ark back to Jerusalem. As David and the men came to Jerusalem with the ark, David was so excited and he wanted to thank God. So David danced in the street. He had the people shout praise to God and play trumpets. Everyone was thanking God with worship.

David’s wife, whose name was Michel, watched all this from her window. She thought it was terrible that the king, her husband, was dancing in the street. When he came into the house, she made fun of him for dancing before God. David didn’t care; he wanted to thank God by worshiping him. There are many ways we can worship God. We can dance like King David. We can sing or paint pictures or pray or act out God’s story. Whatever way we choose, it’s our way of saying thank you to God. Always, I can thank God when I worship and praise Him.

Lets Move