Sofa Sunday School-Luke 5 & 6

Chosen for a Reason and Making Time to be Alone with God

Lesson Snapshot


Take time to be alone with God.


Kids will learn that it’s important to make time to be alone with God.


Luke 5:12-16, Jesus Heals & Luke 6:12-16, Jesus Chooses the Twelve


Even with all of the preaching that Jesus did and the miracles that he performed, Jesus always made time to get away from the crowds and spend time with God. In studying the Bible, it is important that we carve out quiet time to be with God and let him speak to us.

Object Lesson


A hotel room “Do Not Disturb” tag (or similar sign)

Has your family ever stayed in a hotel? If so, you may have seen and even used one of these tags. If you’re staying in a hotel multiple nights and don’t want someone in your room, or if you’re sleeping in and don’t want to be woken up, you place this tag on the door. It lets the hotel cleaning staff know you’re still there but you don’t wish to be dis- turbed. It’s a way to get a little extra privacy.

Every day, we need to put up a do not disturb sign for a short time. We need to get alone in our rooms or some place quiet in the house with no TV, no music, no video games. We need to open the Bible and read. We need to spend time in prayer. Just as Jesus taught us by example, alone time with God can help us revive our spirit and gain direction for our life.

Sometimes we need to go it alone. Start setting up some alone time with God this week, and you’ll be amazed at how much it will grow your faith.

Lets Sing

Lets Move

Craft Activity

Have the kids make a sign for their quiet time space, indicating this is where they plan to meet with Jesus every day to pray and study the Bible.