Sofa Sunday School-Manger Tales-Luke 2:8-20, The Shepherds

Lesson Snapshot


God wants everyone to come and meet Jesus.


Kids will learn that Jesus came for everyone.


Luke 2:8-20, The Shepherds


“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:11 (NIV)


Sam was minding his business with the other sheep in the field, when an angel appeared in the sky, telling the shepherds that Jesus Christ was born. Sam just had to come with them to meet the Savior for himself.

Object Lesson


Birthday Party Invitation

Of all the cards kids receive, the most exciting has to be a card with money. But if you had to pick a second favorite, it would have to be a card like this. Does anyone know what this is?

This isn’t just an invitation for a birthday party. It’s an invitation for a good time. It’s an invitation to games and good food and cake and ice cream. It’s an invitation to fun!

Invitations make us feel special. Not everyone gets invited to every party, so it means a lot when a friend picks you to come along to Chuck E. Cheese or the bowling alley or wherever you may go.

But God sent an invitation to his Son’s birthday to everyone – to kings, queens, the rich and powerful, and to you. God sent an angel to announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds, letting the whole world know that all are welcome to come to Jesus.

Christmas is an invitation to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Let’s share that good news with others, and let’s commit ourselves to following Jesus.

Trivia Game

Craft Activity

Let the kids create sheep using construction paper, glue sticks, and cotton balls (for a sheep template, search online for “free sheep template.”). Punch a hole in the sheep’s back, and he can become a Christmas ornament!