Genesis 2-Creation Redux

A matter of perspective

Do you see a young woman, or an old woman?

Hey everyone, I did something a little different this week. I wanted to create a worship experience that more closely reflected our typical live worship experience, so I attached our three worship songs up front like normal.  If you want to bypass the worship (which I don’t recommend) the sermon begins about 14 1/2 minutes in.

Genesis chapter 2 seeks to retell the story of creation found in the first chapter of Genesis, but does so in a much different way. So the question becomes “what do these stories collectively tell us about God and our relationship with one another?” 

Worship Music & Video credits are as follows. 

Graves into Gardens-Brandon Lake courtesy of Elevation Worship 

Evidence-Josh Baldwin courtesy of Bethel Music 

Your Promises-Gary McDufee courtesy of Elevation Worship 

So I Will-courtesy of Hillsong Worship