Sofa Sunday School-Father’s Day

Matthew 2:13-23, Joseph Leads His Family

Lesson Snapshot


Show Dad you love him.


Kids will think of something good or helpful they can do for their dad this week.


Matthew 2:13-23, Joseph Leads His Family


“Children, obey your parents as believers in the Lord. Obey them because it’s the right thing to do.” Ephesians 6:1 (NIrV)


Joseph was a godly man who lived as Jesus’ earthly father. When Jesus was a child and his life was in danger, Joseph led his family to safety. A godly father loves and protects his family, and listens and obeys his Father in heaven. We can show our dad that we love him, by obeying him and respecting his instruction.

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Object Lesson


A tool kit

When something’s broken around the house, you call for Dad, and when Dad hears something is broken, he reaches for his tool kit. A wise dad keeps a tool handy for any big job. From pliers to wrenches to hammers to screwdrivers, Philips and flat head, Dad has the tool to fix, tighten, and nail down just about everything.

Dads take care of a lot of things around the house. They do the heavy lifting when it’s needed. They can also do the heavy discipline. They make sure the house is secure and locked up at night. They teach you responsibility. They know how to have fun, but they also know when to be serious and when to be strong.

Dads have a tough job, but they have a Father of their own in Heaven to guide them. A father is supposed to lead, to teach, and to comfort, but more importantly, he is supposed to model the love of God the Father to his children.

Fathers deserve our love and respect. Let’s show them we love them this week with our actions and obedience as well as our words.


Have the kids create three “coupons” for their Dad. One can be for a free hug or cuddle time, but the other two should be for chores that the kids will do without griping when cashed in.

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