Sofa Sunday School-The Colors of Easter

Gospel of John chapter 20-Mary at the tomb

Lesson Snapshot


Because Jesus lives, we can have a new life!


– For kids to understand the meaning of Easter.


John 20:1-18: Jesus rises from the grave.


– John15: 13 (NIV)

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”


On Easter Sunday we celebrate the happy ending – Jesus is risen! Because Jesus rose from the grave, we can be reunited with God. We can receive eternal life, and a new life here on Earth. Until then, Jesus wants us to share the good news with others.

Object Lesson


How many of these do you think you have around your house today, real or plastic?

I imagine we’ll all see hundreds of eggs before the day is out. Eggs are a symbol for new life. When we see eggs, we think of baby chicks. We think of new beginnings. It’s the perfect reminder of the new life we can have in Jesus.

On Easter Sunday, we remember the resurrection of Jesus. Because Jesus died and rose again, he alone can forgive our sins. What’s more, Jesus can give us eternal life and a new life here on Earth.

Today can be a new beginning for you as well. If you’ve never accepted Jesus as your Savior, now is the perfect time. Jesus can wipe away your sins, and he can give you a new beginning. That’s a far better gift than any Easter candy or bunny you can receive.

Today we celebrate new life and new beginnings. Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

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